As of 3 July this year, just four months after the signing of the agreement, Apleona and the Gegenbauer Group have become one and the same in all respects.
This strongly desired and successful merger allows the ‘new Apleona’ to count on 40,000 of the best employees throughout Europe, as well as the integration of the best resources and performance of both companies, now a single entity.
An event that launches the company into an even more intense period of transformation, with the possibility of pursuing its goals of sustainable progress and development with new and wider resources.

“Now, we will drive forward the further expansion and development of Apleona with the combined strength and experience of both companies,” said Apleona Group CEO Jochen Keysberg, taking the opportunity to welcome the 18,000 new Apleona employees from the Gegenbauer Group.
“I look forward to working with everyone to ensure that Apleona is regarded as the most efficient and modern service provider in Europe in terms of quality, innovation and sustainability.”