The mission of Apleona, a leader in the facility management sector in Italy and Europe, is to go beyond mere recognition of merit. We aim to create a work environment in which every member truly feels part of a community that values and supports every aspect of life, including parenthood.

For this reason, we are excited to announce the official launch of our ‘Newborn Baby at Apleona’ initiative, an exclusive project in the facility management sector, dedicated to supporting our employees on their wonderful journey into parenthood. With this project, every new parent receives a gift and a contribution to celebrate the arrival of their baby.

This initiative represents another significant step by Apleona in promoting a healthy balance between work and private life, an essential aspect for the well-being of employees in facility management and their families. Announced at the end of last year, the initiative has been fully operational since January 2024, as testified by one of the first beneficiaries, Vincenzo Fusco: “A splendid initiative: knowing that you can count on a reality that rewards parenthood is really important for us”.

“Adopting a value system aimed at the well-being of our employees in the facility management sector involves a continuous commitment,” explains Stefania Modena, Head of Human Resources at Apleona. “We were particularly keen to activate this initiative to provide further concrete help and share the happiness of this moment with our employees.”