With ‘Apleona on board’, we discover the faces of the Apleona Italy world protagonists – work, passions, interests and ambitions of the over 600 professionals who work every day, all over Italy, to shape the future of facility management.

Who do we have on board today?

Andrea Fiori, 34, Key Account Manager.

What do you do?

My job title could be ‘orchestra conductor’. I am the contract manager for IBM in Italy, for whom we take care of soft and hard facility management services on 8 Italian sites with the involvement of about 40 Apleona professionals.

I am the client interface, and responsible for the all-round governance of the contract. I ensure the application of local and global guidelines, and I make sure standards of service excellence come into play.

How did you come to Apleona?

I graduated in Economics and spent two years abroad in search of new challenges. Life led me to become more and more interested and educated in this field, so when I came across Apleona in February 2023, marriage was almost inevitable.

What do you like about your job?

That it keeps me in contact with people, colleagues, customers and partners. That it is never boring or trivial, because it offers new incentives and challenges every day. Moreover, it gives me the opportunity to be creative in project management as well as in problem solving, it allows me to carry out my ideas, and to operate with a good margin of autonomy.

What did you find surprising about Apleona and your work?

Honestly? I didn’t expect such a.. bubbling environment! The company is in full transformation, and I have the opportunity to work alongside excellent professionals, both in Italy and internationally. From the very first weeks, I have  had plenty of room for manoeuvre and opportunities to grow within my role. I really learnt a lot in a short time, more than I expected. I have found a great willingness to delegate accompanied by the enhancement of resources and skills and a sense of responsibility and an undoubted meritocracy, which I have never taken for granted. Here at Apleona, if you are worthwhile and if you want to, you grow.

And outside the office, what kind of person are you?

Well, if at work I am constantly in contact with someone, in my free time I like to relax, be in contact with nature, for example go fishing.

Mind you, I am also an ‘aperitif with colleagues or friends’ kind of guy, but at the weekend I like to dedicate some time to myself. I guess that’s only fair, right?